About Us

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The Start of the Smokehouse

A wise man once said, “memories are Gods way of permanently engraving things in our mind.”  It was a childhood memory that prompted the formation of Louisiana Cypress Smokehouse.  In the backyard of my grand parents home where we used to play, my grandfather had an old smokehouse built of cypress wood and tin.  The memory of the smell of that smokehouse is what prompted me to build my own cypress smokehouse in 2023.  The love of smoked meat started with both of my grandfathers, was equally loved by my Daddy and now myself and my family.  It’s a family tradition that I would like to continue for generations to come.  Thank God for memories that can be replicated so that future generation can not only enjoy the amazing taste of smoked meat, but also the aroma that comes from a Louisiana Cypress Smokehouse.  When you open your own bag of jerky, take a big smell, and then you will understand.  Thank You for purchasing our product and sharing in the memories.

  Have a God Day!